Our “cocido madrileño” is served from Monday to Sunday, and also in summer (on request). This special stew is cooked with our grandmothers´ love. Nowadays, it is a must if you really want to taste the most traditional flavour of Madrid.

As soon as the weather is cold in the city, you will find “cocido stew”  in every menu in Madrid.

Everybody is always talking about how to prepare, serve and eat cocido, but we can guarantee that just a few know the secret of cooking it under the original recipe.

La Enotaberna de la Posada del León de Orois one of those recomended places of the city where you should come and try this homemade stew.

The mistery of our cocido is the recipe that our grandmothers used to cooking in a slow cook. Every early morning our team cooks all ingredients in order to have everything ready for lunch. A stew prepared in 7 hours !!!

Nowadays, the “cocido madrileño” is one of the most traditional dishes that everyone is in love with. Though the last tecnichs of how to prepare it have evolved, it keeps its original charming and no one can not resist to tasty it.

The cocido de La Enotaberna is still keeping the leading role with its gold product, the chickpeas, although the bacon, meat and veggies take an important place to get the perfect combination of flavours.

This recipe is served in three parts, as per the tradition, and apart from the traditional ingredients, we add the same love our grandmothers did for her families. On top of that, the place breaths history. You will enjoy of the rest of the XII century Christian Wall as well as our particular "corrala" from XIX century.


Price: From October to May (except December): 19,90 € per person. Only during weekdays.

On national holidays, weekends of the year, and the month of December: 29,90 € per person (cocido is not served on December 25th and January 1st).

During summer months is served on request and for at least 10 people.

Weekends and national holidays a reservation is required. 

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